ZERO GRAVITY MASSAGE CHAIRFunctions and Features Super-long crank arm design makes kneading heads reach to front shoulder, just as professional masseur massaging for your shoulder. Super-long stroke design can meet all kinds of people with different heights.3 massage widths (wide, medium and narrow) are adjustable.Airbags installed on both shoulders, provides comfortable air pressure massage on shoulders, and can effectively relieve fatigue and eliminate ache on shoulders.The innovative arm massage structure can give you delicate massage on your arms.

Airbags installed at the bottom of the seat provide swaying waves massage to thigh and buttocks.Airbags in different size are scientifically distributed on the points of feet and calf, providing for multi-technique and all-around pressing, kneading and swaying massage for toes, soles of the feet, heels, ankles and legs. Heavy undertone audio and anion generator are installed on both sides of head. Anion can play important role in cleaning air, reducing fatigue, activating of cells and tissues, strengthening the human immune system, improving the natural healing ability to prevent aging, reducing stress, decomposing collagen of human beings, etc. Touch button controller makes operation more simple and convenient. Touch the button gently can select four kinds of automatic massage programs based on your needs.

You can also manually adjust massage intensity and control massage speed and position flexibly and conveniently. The innovation of this massage chair is the seat part can be rotated with the backrest by 15 degrees. When press "Zero Gravity" button, you can make your back completely relaxed, meanwhile you can adjust the seat and leg to the most comfortable angle, which makes body's gravity completely transferred to the massage chair, as if you are in a "state of weightlessness", and then click the "zero gravity" button will allow the backrest, seat, leg reach to the limit position.